What types of houseplants are best for you?

What types of houseplants are best for you?

A common question that I get is "how do I know which plants are right for me?". Basically, whatever plant care requirements fit your lifestyle. For example, I personally do best with plants that don't mind being neglected and like to dry out between watering, such as succulents, cacti, Philodendron, etc. I tend to be an under-waterer so water-loving plants such as Calathea, Alocasia, etc, do not do as well with me. Usually, people are either an over-waterer or an under-waterer. If you are right in the middle and meticulous about balance and can give plants exactly what they require, then kudos to you, and any plant should do well with you.

When choosing types of plants, there are other factors to consider other than the watering schedule. How much light does it need compared to how much light your house can provide? Would the plant be near cold drafts or in an area that sees a lot of temperate fluctuation from open doors, heat, etc? How much humidity is in your home? Are you able to run a humidifier if needed?

The best way to figure out if you can meet a plant's needs is to google the care requirements for each individual plant you plan to bring home because each plant's needs are different. 

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