Wandering Jasmine Gardens is a retail houseplant and consignment shop in Truro, Nova Scotia that specializes in a variety of unique and healthy houseplants and all your plant care needs, including a soil bar with different soil additives, pots, fertilizers, pest control, etc. This unique local shop also carries thousands of crystals, local handmade products from local artists including macrame, jewelry, crochet, natural body care products, fun accessories, art, candles, and so much more.
Our aim is to provide unique and healthy houseplants at affordable prices.
The owner, Mercedes Blair, has always had a love for plants since she was in gardening 4-H as a kid and her mom always had a house full of plants. It wasn't until 2019 that she became truly obsessed, and they started to take over her house.
As her collection grew, so did the desire for propagating. She started selling her propagations and that's how Wandering Jasmine Gardens was born. Bringing the joys of plants to as many homes as possible became her passion. She realized that there was a real need for a plant shop in Truro, so she decided to go for it and enrolled in the Business Administration program at NSCC in September 2020. She graduated in June 2022 and was already working on opening the shop before she was even done classes; that's how passionate she is about this business.
The story behind Wandering Jasmine Gardens' name and logo:
Some of you may be wondering what's up with the dog's nose on a plant shop logo? Well, it's simple. The owner's favorite plant is the wandering dude, and her dog’s name was Jasmine (also a favorite plant).
Jasmine (Jazzy) inspired her in everything she did in life, so she knew that she wanted her to be a part of the business. She chose Gardens because it flows nicely and makes you think of “wandering in the gardens”.
The logo came from a life reminder to take the time to stop and smell the flowers. And who better to promote that than the forever sniffing dog's nose?
At Wandering Jasmine Gardens, we are passionate about bringing the benefits of nature into your home, and it's Jasmine, who inspired Mercedes' love for nature with their adventures at Mercedes Blair Photography. Jasmine only got to greet customers for two months. She held on just long enough to see this dream come true, in her honor and in her memory. 
Jasmine "Jazzy" Blair
September 28, 2009 - July 6, 2022