Plants for Business

Are you looking for something new and unique to gift to employees and clients, at events, or just want some greenery in the office? We can order any amount of plants for a variety of different occasions.

Studies have shown that having plants in the office boosts productivity and employee morale. Office plants improve the health of employees and reduce sick days... plus they clean and purify the air which also promotes better health and wellness!

Buy a plant for each desk in the office, as birthday/thank you gifts, and to welcome new employees to the workplace.
Please contact us to discuss options and rates.

Members of the Truro Chamber of Commerce will receive a 15% member discount.

Plant Sitting Services

Don't have anyone you can trust to keep your precious plant collection alive while you are away? Leave it to us! We have the expertise to ensure that you arrive home to healthy and happy plants.

Please contact us for rates.

Repotting Services

Not sure when or how to repot?

We will do the dirty work for you! Simply bring your plants into the store or have your new plant bought in store repotted to save you the hassle when you get home!
We usually don't suggest repotting plants until they are showing signs of needing a repot, such as roots coming out of the bottom of the pot or stunted growth. If you're unsure, send us photos for a free assessment.

We repot your plants using our custom in-house soil mix. You can provide the pot or purchase one from our store. We can also add a trellis or moss pole if your plant needs extra support. 

Please contact us ahead of time to ensure that we have all the necessary supplies for repotting your plant. You can make an appointment, but if we are busy in the shop, you may need to leave your plant overnight.


$5 for 4-6 inch pots
$8 for 8 inch pot
$10 for 10 inch and bigger 

* Repotting fee includes our custom in-house soil mix.
* Pot and trellis support not included. 
* Taxes are extra.


Size matters! If a plant is outgrowing its pot, then repot 1-2 sizes bigger (i.e., 4-inch pot to a 5-6 inch pot). If repotted into too large of a pot, it will struggle and die back, trying to fill the pot and be more susceptible to root rot. 

The practical reason for not potting a houseplant into a pot that's too big is that the soil will tend to stay damp for too long. When the pot is too big, there are no roots in the extra portion of soil outside the existing root ball to absorb the water - and roots do a lot of absorption of water! This will lead to fungi and root rot. 

*Disclaimer: We are experienced but there are is always a risk of shock when repotting plants. We will provide aftercare instructions, but we are not responsible if the plant decides to throw a fit. As always, plant care advice is free if you just need some tips to do it yourself!